Medical Services

Dr Dunne and Dr Harry provide the following personal GP services:

General GP Consultation

General GP Consultations

GP consultations are tailored to the individual patient in a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of time to adequately address the current medical issues and to consider further health advice.  Whether you have a cough or a cold or need time to discuss low mood issues we are here for you

private gp clinic

Home Visits

Consultations can be performed in the comfort of your own home if preferred.  This may be required due to time constraints or the being too ill to travel.  Home visits are available locally to suit the patient and a surcharge is calculated according to travelling time from the surgery. Please call for individual surcharge costs


Medicals (e.g HGV, Sport, Insurance)

General fitness medicals are tailored to the individual according to needs and health concerns.  These involve a range of blood tests and a physical examination.  HGV and sports medicals are also available even at short notice.

blood tests

Blood Tests

A range of blood tests are available. The blood is taken at the surgery and sent to a private laboratory for analysis. Results are often available the next day but some specialised tests take a little longer



Heart tracings are available at the surgery with an instant report from the doctor

joint injections

Joint injections

Steroid injections into joints often improve pain control in suitable patients with certain conditions that are not responding to other treatment.  A consultation with the doctor will determine suitability. Joints considered are knees and shoulders and also steroid injections for tennis/golfers elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist